Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Coffee Pot Bayou

The other night I had planned on going to the supermarket, a Publix, located a couple minutes from me. I decided to take a new route....heading about 6 blocks due north, to an area along the Coffee Pot Bayou. I was taken with how beautiful it is. I'm thinking that when I start jogging again....there's where I'm going to jog! There's a sidewalk that runs along Coffee Pot Boulevard, right on the Bayou.

I had a job interview in Tampa this afternoon, so I thought that I would take some time this morning to visit the bayou area again and take some shots. There are a lot of For Sale signs up. Any takers?

My Jeep was waiting for me on a side street. That's a circle with a big urn ("One Grecian Urn") in the background.

I'll talk about my job interview in a future post. I guess...depending on how it turns out!

I couldn't pass this shot up!


udearmas said...

Nice pics. You know, you taking all these pictures and people are going to wonder if you're casing the neighborhood.

ArichNY said...

That thought has entered my mind more than once! When I was looking for an apartment and taking pics of different places with signs out, and writing down addresses and phone numbers, I was followed for a short ways by a police car!