Thursday, December 19, 2013

Decking the Halls at Disney

Last year was the first time I visited Disney World when it was decorated for the Christmas Holiday Season.
This year Adele and Gina invited us to spend some time enjoying the decorations, and specifically, to see the Osborne Family Lights at Disney Hollywood Studios.
So, Day 1 was spent at the Magic Kingdom after a stop at the Grand Floridian to meet up with Adele and Matt and to see the decorations there.  We enjoyed some warm chestnuts before boarding the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  We met up with Gina at the Be Our Guest dining room to have lunch.  Then a leisurely stroll around the park.  It was Steve's first visit there, so we had to do a few of our favorite rides:  the Haunted Mansion, the holiday Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Unfortunately, Splash Mountain ran into a problem and shut down just as we got there.  We had a really fun time meeting the talking Mickey!  What a hoot!  An ice cream treat, watching the street dance party, then out until the next day.

On Friday we headed over to Disney Hollywood Studios.  Our main item, to go on the Great Movie Ride with Gina as tour guide.  Our moving theater 'car' was full with a Disney Fan Club, who had a scripted response to Gina's  tour spiel.  It was hilarious!  Adele had to leave for a while, so Steve and I  took the boat over to Epcot.  After we strolled around a while, Gina met up with us after getting out of work.  We had a nice lunch at the Morocco Tangerine Cafe.  Adele and Matt joined up with us later.  We did get to hear Whoopi Goldberg  as the narrator for the Candlelight Processional at the American Gardens Theatre.

Then to the back lot to watch the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  Worth the trip!  Plus it snowed!  Amazing!


Ur-spo said...

as always, you have lovely photos

Harpers Keeper said...

The Disney folks do 'festive' better than anybody. Thanks for sharing