Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Visit to NYC - Some Ruby and Red Time!

I was back in NYC for my seasonal visit to spend some G-Pa time with Ruby and Red.  Oh, and to visit with Joe and Joy too!  I found a place to stay via Airbnb right in the same building where the Js and Rs live.  It was a sweet commute in the elevator!

My trip was made, heck, my whole year was made when I first got there.  The battery on my cell phone had died and the phone would not even start up after we landed at LGA.  So, I got a cab over the LIC, headed up to the Js, and parked myself outside the apartment, plugging my phone into an outlet in the hall.  I wanted to send a text to Joy to let her know I had arrived.  I didn't want to knock or ring the door bell for fear of waking a possibly napping baby or toddler.  So I waited outside the door.  Very soon I heard some noise from the other side of the door and the door swung open.  There was Ruby and Red in the tandem stroller and Mama ready to wheel them out for an afternoon at the playground.  They were surprised to see me!  And Ruby said, "G-Pa!  Hi G-Pa!"  Right then and there she stole my heart!
The eight days were spent hanging with Ruby and Red.  Red has gotten so big already!  Six months old!  Playgrounds, playing games, reading books.  And . . . I was introduced to Peppa Pig and her family!  What a joy!

Thursday night I went into Manhattan to see the new musical "An Evening with Janis Joplin", still in reviews when I was there.  I LOVED IT!  I had seen Janis live four times back in the sixties.  I loved the musical numbers and the staging and lighting!
On Friday Gavin came down from Albany and we spent the day together.  We first headed over to the High Line Park and walked the length of it.  Then we headed down to the WTC.  We were going to attempt to go to the memorial, but the line for tickets stretched all the way to Terre Haute! We then walked over to the South Street Seaport and then up to Greenwich Village where we had lunch.
On Saturday I went with the Js and Rs to a seasonal pumpkin patch 'festival' out on Long Island.  We had a fun, although a bit (a bit?) overpriced!  Ruby loved the animals!
On Sunday we went into Manhattan and attempted to have lunch at the Shake Shack in the UWS.  Unfortunately the wait to get in was far too long, so we headed down to Bryant Park to get sandwiches at 'wichcraft.  It was overcast and a fine mist every so often, but we made the most of it.  And Ruby got to ride the merry-go-round!
As my time to return home approached, I made sure I got to spend as much time as possible with Ruby and Red.  On my last day Ruby and I got to spend a fun time at the new playground on the waterfront.  What fun she is to be with!  I'm looking forward to our next visit!  Hopefully, this January in Florida!

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Don Casto said...

Great post Rich! You make a good grandpa!